Conservative Change

Conservative change means repealing Obamacare, defunding Planned Parenthood, securing the border while ending Sanctuary Cities, protecting the Second Amendment, and delivering tax reform that is long overdue.

Conservative change means supporting small businesses, ending corporate welfare, and no more picking winners and losers from Washington, D.C.

Conservative change means crushing ISIS, standing up for Israel, funding a strong military to protect us, and standing up for our veterans who’ve sacrificed so much for us.

4 Things to Know About Klint Kesto

Klint has met Right to Life of Michigan’s endorsement criteria in every single campaign because he’s 100% committed to protecting innocent life.

Klint has the guts to tackle the issues others are too politically correct to take on, like welfare reform, banning Sanctuary Cities, and protecting religious freedom

Klint has been doing some swamp-draining of his own in Lansing by handcuffing unaccountable bureaucrats and reining in out-of-control judges.

The son of Christian immigrants who fled religious persecution in the Middle East, Klint would be the first ever Christian Chaldean American elected to Congress, and would work to crush ISIS and radical terrorists while protecting freedom and democracy in our country and across the world.