Conservative Change

Conservative change means repealing Obamacare, defunding Planned Parenthood, securing the border while ending Sanctuary Cities, protecting the Second Amendment, and delivering tax reform that is long overdue.

Conservative change means supporting small businesses, ending corporate welfare, and no more picking winners and losers from Washington, D.C.

Conservative change means crushing ISIS, standing up for Israel, funding a strong military to protect us, and standing up for our veterans who’ve sacrificed so much for us.

Four things to know about Klint Kesto

Klint has met Right to Life of Michigan’s endorsement criteria in every single campaign because he’s 100% committed to protecting innocent life.

Klint has the guts to tackle the issues others are too politically correct to take on, like welfare reform, banning Sanctuary Cities, and protecting religious freedom

Klint has been doing some swamp-draining of his own in Lansing by handcuffing unaccountable bureaucrats and reining in out-of-control judges.

The son of Christian immigrants who fled religious persecution in the Middle East, Klint would be the first ever Christian Chaldean American elected to Congress, and would work to crush ISIS and radical terrorists while protecting freedom and democracy in our country and across the world.

Tax Reform

I cut tax rates as a State Representative, and I’ll cut tax rates as a Congressman.

Entitlement Reform

People who are able to work should do so; welfare in the form of food stamps and Medicaid should be for those who are unable to work.

With regards to Social Security, I have proposed allowing people to stop paying into social security after age 62, and stop paying federal taxes on income after 65, thereby allowing people to work as long as they want. This would allow them to keep more of what they earn and keep working as long as they want and not be penalized for working.


The current Affordable Care Act is unaffordable. They need to repeal it and go back to the drawing board and allow individuals to decide what healthcare plan they want. There certainly should be coverage for preexisting conditions. I am a father, a husband, and my first wife passed away from cancer. I know it is important to have accessible health care, but the federal government should not be dictating to the people what they should buy.

Immigration Reform

We cannot continue with the program as it is because it is an incentive for people to continue to break the law and cross our borders illegally. We need complete reform that includes having secure borders by building the wall and filling the tunnels. The Department of Homeland Security needs to be allowed extreme vetting individuals who are coming into our country and be allowed to keep track of the status of those who have received visas.

We also need to use technology more efficiently to ensure that the individuals we are allowing through our borders as residents are going to be productive members of society. One way would be to go back to the requirement that immigrants have a sponsor. This would create a safety net with family and friends which would be more effective.

As for DACA and pathways to citizenship, these individuals came here not through their own choice; they were just children. Yet they still entered the country illegally. There should not be a pathway to citizenship for these individuals, but rather a different, legal, permanent status.

Foreign Affairs

U.S. Military Involvement Around the World

When there is an immediate military threat, the President should be allowed to defend us. But when the President wants to make a declaration of war, Congress should decide. The military should also be allowed to be sent by the President into areas to help with disasters and humanitarian efforts when it is in our national interest to do so.


The Iran Nuclear deal was a terrible deal from the start because one result of lifting sanctions on Iran resulted in the increase of Iran’s military presence in Syria, the sunset provisions on uranium enrichment and other key components of nuclear arms development will result in Iran ultimately being able to develop nuclear weapons. That would be disastrous for Israel and the entire region.

The larger regional issues with Iran continue to be one of the greatest challenges to the national security of the United States and Israel.

Paris Climate Accord

The Paris Climate Accord was bad for American businesses and families that rely on affordable energy.  The Accord will have a very minimal impact on climate change, especially when foreign countries do not abide by the terms of the agreement.


We must ensure that our trade agreements put Americans first and America first. If these agreements are unfair and the leverage is all on the other side, they need to be renegotiated. We should negotiate from a position of power so that American workers can benefit.

Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis in the United States needs to be addressed from a number of directions:

1) More incentives and better electronic record management needs to be encouraged and available across state lines;

2) Comprehensive treatment facilities that will address the addiction, and physical and mental health issues that contribute to the use and dependency on these drugs;

3) Ensuring that our pharmacists have more control over prescribing these drugs, where fraud is suspected;

4) Making sure that people have a variety of ways available to dispose of unused medicines;

5) Swift and immediate prosecution of professionals who abuse their licenses and illegally provide opioids to patients they know do not need them medically;

6) Incentivizing the FDA to continue research and approval of alternative medicines for pain management.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Having two bridges is critical for Michigan, because of where we are geographically located. I just supported legislation to allow import and export from our port authorities. We also need to look at our roads and bridges and water lines. Our nation and state have fallen behind other countries with crumbling infrastructure. Funding has been allocated inefficiently and repairs and improvements that were critical were ignored. I believe that the federal government should provide block grants to states to address these repairs. We should continue the President’s goal of streamlining the permit process and ensure that individuals are ready to be employed on these projects by investing in skilled trades.